14 Feb 2013

♥ Valentine's Day ♥

happy valentine's day lovelies! ♥

i just applied for high school... it's terrifying ;3;; i actually began crying halfway through my application...
oh well, it's done and signed now, so let's just hope for the best...

my choices of schools and subject were:

1. Media - NTI
2. Media - International IT College of Sweden
3. Music - Rytmus
4. Society and Behaviour - Vittra
5. Styligt - Gystavsbergs School / G2

uuughhh the future's scary....

but! on a happier note!
today was valentine's day! the day of love~ did you guys get any love today? ;)
i actually got chocolate! from two very cute girls! *-*

I got this tasty motherfucker ~ ♥

And also this delicious box of chocolate! From my favourite chocolate brand!! waaaahhh luckyyyy ♥

So now I need to get gifts for two very lovely girls on White Day, the 14th March!

when i got home my mom decided she would take me and my sister out for an early dinner at the café i usually work at (where they serve the best ceasar salad in the world!!) before i would babysit my dear sister!

they made a little heart in my cappuccino and it was adorable ;3;; ♥

and then i watched Tangled (best movie oh gosh ♥) with my sister, and then put the sweet little thing to sleep! and now she's fast asleep, i just took a shower and then did my application!

I didn't get a good photo of the entire outfit, but i basically wore the same clothes as i did last saturday ;)

i tried curling my hair a bit tho! i really liked the way it turned out, and i'll probably get myself a real curling-iron in the future!

The text on the little package says: "Wanna make out?" in swedish ;))

So yes! This day have been quite terrific ♥ At some moments, i felt like i was anime hahah! gr8, gr8~
but! now i shall vacuum clean the whole apartment! at 22:00 in the evening... damn i should be sleeping by now.......

well, have a lovely evening, sweetchins ♥

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