2 Feb 2013

soooo tired


so today i overslept and ended up being two hours late for school. well, shit.
nothing special didn't really happen in school, except i got mad at a boy in my class but let's just not talk about that uvu
buuuut then i stopped by the mall on my way home and bought a birthday gift for Becca (who's birthday is tomorrow! ... or today since it's over midnight but hey w/e right it's not tomorrow until i wake up) as well as a basker, a hair-clip and two pairs of socks for myself ~ i've wanted a basker for sooooo long so i'm very happy!
when i got home i had to vacuum clean the whole apartment, but after that i went home to Line! it was really nice, and we talked a lot and watched some animes ~ it wa gr8! i'm totally gonna continue watching the two animes we watched! (BTOOOM! and Magi)
aaaand now i'm just home, and i'm soon gonna go to bed since i'm way tired and i have to get up for practice tomorrow uuugggghhhh

what i bought today ~

♥ and today's look! ♥ 


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  1. Love the dress! Hope you had a nice time with Line~! She's the best :)