28 Mar 2013

♥ Secret Love ♥

So in Stockholm we have an Asian focused museum called the East Asian Museum, and they've been hosting an exhibition called Secret Love for a few months now. I've been curious on this exhibition since I heard about it, but I never got of my lazy bum to actually go see it. 
A few days ago, however, I discovered that the exhibition would be removed and replaced at the end of this month, and therefore I finally went to see it! And I dragged my lovely pearl Bel with me too 

And the exhibition was lovely! Filled with controversial photographs and paintings, videos, interviews and just lots of really cool things really!  

Two pieces from the exhibition. 

We ended up staying longer than we anticipated at the museum, and took a look at some of the other exhibitions too before we went out to sit in the sun and watch the view.
I think the top photo was the nicest view ; ) 

When I got home afterwards I found a nice little surprise in the mail ~

My new lenses and lashes had arrived!
And my new wig arrived the day prior, so I'm quite happy 

(left pic)I tried on my new lenses, and I'm already horribly in love with them ♥ (left pic)
I also wore my new wig today, in which I'm also very much in love with (right pic)

Starting tomorrow I'm having Easter Break, and it's a relief, to be honest.
I'm meeting Jacob tomorrow for  a Swedish fika, and then a horror movie at his place 

But for now, I'll bid my farewells! Good night pumpkins 

(there's no way i'm spell checking this go away)

13 Mar 2013

♥ Sweet 16 ♥

Heeey sweethearts! 
I'm really tired, but I figured I'd made a quick post about my birthday! 

So today was my 16th birthday!
I got roses from my family last evening since they didn't get the chance to even say good morning this morning. I always have to get up much earlier than the rest of my family, you see... 
Anyway, that was fine!
On my way to school, tho, I suddenly feel the presence of someone behind me. So I turn around, and there's Cecilie with a little candle saying "Congratulations, Nellie!" It were really sweet 
After that I just had a normal school day, really. 
Tho after my first class I ran up to my baby Linn's locker and gave her a cake I had baked the night prior, since she's having her birthday today aswell! 

After school me and Linn went to a café and shared a piece of cheesecake as to celebrate our birthday! I also got a cute piece of cake from her, I think they're called "Kissing-Cakes"? It was really sweet, because she said something like: "I got you one of those Kissing-Cakes since I like you so much" 
Aaaahhhh my lovely baby girl 

Later on that evening I went to dinner at the restaurant my older sister works at. The food was great, and when we got home I got some presents!
I got money from my grandmother and one of our old family friends, a gift card, more roses, a pair of Dr Marten's, new headphones and also 100 Euros for when me and my mother are going to Paris in April!

These were the shoes I got! I'm already in love with them 

As for today's outfit, I choose to wear very bright and light clothes! Which is actually kind of unusual for me, since I almost always wear at least one black/dark garment... Anyhow, I liked it! 

Ahh, and tomorrow's Whie Day, right? So I've gotten gifts for the two girls that gave me chocolate on valentine's day ♥ Waaahh, it makes me feel like a real bishounen!!! 

Very well, goodnight my loves! 

10 Mar 2013

Pizzas and Piercings

Hiya lovelies! 
Been a while...
Well, I was in Dubai for a week, and then I've been so exhausted this whole week that I just haven't found the energy to blog... Until now!

This friday I had a very lovely evening with Line 
 We had to babysit my little sister, but she fell asleep rather early and thus we tried out the most disgusting green liquor ever. And then we went out to buy pizza. The pizza was delicious. 
It was really nice, cutting the pizzas with scissors and eating sloppy while talking with our mouths full! 
Line stayed quite late, and after she'd left I fell asleep really quickly...

Line and my sis! 

Saturday I got up really early, because I was veryvery excited! You see, I was going to get my first piercing! 
So me and my mother went to the piercing studio, and I got my naval pierced! It hurt, but it weren't as painful as I thought it was going to be and I'm really happy with the result!
After I got my piercing done I took the underground into the city and met up with an old friend of mine whom I haven't met in ages! It was lovely 
I only had time to see her a quickie tho, because then I needed to get home and get ready for Linn's birthday party! 

I wore my little black dress with one shoulder strap and a pink bow around my waist, and also added my white stay-ups as a nice little detail 
I really liked this party outfit, so I'll probably wear it at my own birthday party next weekend haha!

However, me and Becca thought it would be hilarious if we turned up at Linn's place in sweatpants and sweatshirts.
And thus we did.

♥ Most attractive thing you'll ever see 

Anyhow, the party was great! We ate good food, had food fights (Becca almost succeeded in placing a mozarella in Olivers shirt!), watched Melodifestivalen and just had a very lovely time! I hope my own party will be just as great!

It's quite funny, because Linn's birthday is the same day as mine! 13th of March! Except she's a year younger, but hey! Still the same day.

And now, I have just been sitting on my ass doing nothing since I got home this morning.
I think I'm going to watch a live DVD with my boys (coughgazettecough) and then go help mom with dinner! Tacos 

Bye for now!