24 Feb 2013

NärCon Winter - Home Again!

i'm back from NärCon, and i'm so tired i could pass out any second. didn't get much sleep when sharing a hotel room and a queen-sized bed with Jonte and Bel.... waaaaaaayyy too much to talk about!

so! about the con!
it was really fun, and really cold! we met some very nice people and got much compliments for our cosplays, which was really nice!

First Day - Friday

Me and Bel took a train to Linköping at 10:29 in the morning, and arrived somewhere between 12:00-13:00! We then found the hotel, got our rooms (which we immediately managed to make extremely messy) and I put on the rest of my cosplay before we went to the con! We had to wait in line for almost two hours i think, and it was really cold!!
Shortly after we got in at the con, Laura, Mimmi and Jonte arrived!

I cosplayed E. Aster Bunnymund (aka the Easter bunny) from Rise of the Guardians the first day, and Bel cosplayed Jack Frost with me. The others didn't cosplay.

This is the only picture I have of that cosplay right now, but Laura took some great pictures so I'll upload some better looking ones when she shares the photos!

Day Two - Saturday

After talking with my roommates Bel and Jonte until like 02:00 AM it was rough getting up at 07:00, but we made it!! And had a lovely breakfast consisting mostly of cake. It was marvelous.

I cosplayed Austria/Roderich Edelstein from Hetalia the second day with Bel as Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt, and Jonte cosplayed Kanaya Maryam from Homestuck. Laura and Mimmi didn't cosplay.

Truly sorry for my lack of decent photos....... Tho, as said, I know for sure that Laura took some great photos! So have patience~

And here we have Jonte getting ready, and also a small part of our extremely messy bathroom!

Me and Bel befriended some really great and nice Hetalia cosplayers, and also attended a meet-up before changing into our Homestuck cosplays!

I cosplayed Sollux, and Bel cosplayed Aradia! Still, no other pics......

And after we returned to the hotel me, Bel and Jonte stayed up talking until like???? 04:00 AM??? It was lovely.

Here, have a video of Bel as Aradia walking funnily and also my stupid laugh.
underbart asså

Day Three - Sunday

Rise of the last day. Which also is today.
Naturally, after staying up for so long after not getting much sleep the night before either, we managed to oversleep. So instead of getting up at 07:00 AM and then giving Laura and Mimmi a phonecall to wake 'em up; we slept until about 08:40. Yeah. Good job. A+
So we hurried down to the breakfast buffé and ate pancakes and cakes and drank juice of of shot glasses. What a balenced breakfast.
We then hurried to change into our clothes, Bel were the only one to cosplay today and she went as Jack Frost again.


I wore some of the new things I bought at the convention (a cat ears diadem, a lolita blouse, pink fishnets, pink and white metamorphose stockings, and a new necklace and ring), as shown in the left pic! In the right pic we have a very tired Bel as Jack Frost. We were all very tired.... And sick.......

So after chatting a bit with some friends and walking a final round at the con, we went to Espresso House to kill some time before mine, Bel's and Jonte's train would depart.

The Train Ride
We were quite exhausted, but we managed to keep up for a while before Jonte went to sleep.

Ssssssshhhhh, he's asleep......

 Bel tried to get some sleep too, but didn't succeed... I actually fell asleep for a short while!

And now I'm home! Super tired, ready to pass out... But nope, I have to unpack my things and then pack my bag again since I'm leaving for Dubai tomorrow. So I'll do that, and then get some sleep!

If you read this way-too-long-post, I like you!! You're my new favourite.


21 Feb 2013

Winter NärCon

hiya lads!

so tomorrow i'm going to a convention in linköping called Winter NärCon! i'm going there with bel, mimmi, laura and jonte and it's going to be great!
i'll cosplay as Bunnymund (Rise of the Guardians), Austria/Roderich Edelstein (Hetalia) and Sollux (Homestuck)! i'll also go as myself on the last day with jonte as my visual kei boifrando ~

so i'll try to update my blog atleast once, but we'll see!
however, you can look forward to tons of pictures, and maybe even videos since me and bel are going to make vlogs, when i get back home on sunday!

tho, the day after i get home i'm going to dubai for a well deserved vacation in the sun! if i have wi-fi there i'll update, but as said; we'll see!

so that's all i wanted to say! see ya lovelies<3

18 Feb 2013


So today was my mothers birthday!
She turned 45, and we had some relatives over for dinner! It was really nice ~

this weekend i didn't do anything special, thus the lack of blogging.... i don't even remember what i did on friday, and saturday i worked at the café i'm hired at and then stayed up until five in the morning watching skins and and crying over hetalia with bel.... and sunday? i slept until three in the afternoon and then went to the mall with my mother.

So, as i just mentioned I've begun watching Hetalia again! And honestly? Why the fuck did I ever stop.
It's really a great show! I just love all the characters, and everything about it is just so very lovely! And the new season is superdupergreat! Waaaaahhh I'm getting all mushy ;3;;;
I think it's been about a year since I "quit" Hetalia, and now when I'm sorta going back I feel all... idk, emotional? Because it used to be such a huge part of me and my friends lives.
I also re-discovered Vocaloid that saturday night/sunday morning! Vocaloid used to be, just like Hetalia, a really big part of my life. I met some truly wonderfun friends through Vocaloid, and the music always made me feel all lovely and gooey. So I thought hey, why don't I check out some Vocaloid again? And, once again, i turned all mushy and weepy. Going back to old things/fandoms like that and
 remembering the past makes me really emotional...
 Kaito's voice still gives me shivers ;3;;

Ah, well!! Enough about my mushy feelings!
I'm starting to learn The Beginning by ONE OK ROCK on the bass! It feels lovely ~

As to end this post, I'll show you guys an amazing song! Hitohira no Hanabira - Stereopony
The song were one of the many openings for the anime adaption of my all time favourite manga: Bleach
And while the anime sucked balls, it did have some great music.

14 Feb 2013

♥ Valentine's Day ♥

happy valentine's day lovelies! ♥

i just applied for high school... it's terrifying ;3;; i actually began crying halfway through my application...
oh well, it's done and signed now, so let's just hope for the best...

my choices of schools and subject were:

1. Media - NTI
2. Media - International IT College of Sweden
3. Music - Rytmus
4. Society and Behaviour - Vittra
5. Styligt - Gystavsbergs School / G2

uuughhh the future's scary....

but! on a happier note!
today was valentine's day! the day of love~ did you guys get any love today? ;)
i actually got chocolate! from two very cute girls! *-*

I got this tasty motherfucker ~ ♥

And also this delicious box of chocolate! From my favourite chocolate brand!! waaaahhh luckyyyy ♥

So now I need to get gifts for two very lovely girls on White Day, the 14th March!

when i got home my mom decided she would take me and my sister out for an early dinner at the café i usually work at (where they serve the best ceasar salad in the world!!) before i would babysit my dear sister!

they made a little heart in my cappuccino and it was adorable ;3;; ♥

and then i watched Tangled (best movie oh gosh ♥) with my sister, and then put the sweet little thing to sleep! and now she's fast asleep, i just took a shower and then did my application!

I didn't get a good photo of the entire outfit, but i basically wore the same clothes as i did last saturday ;)

i tried curling my hair a bit tho! i really liked the way it turned out, and i'll probably get myself a real curling-iron in the future!

The text on the little package says: "Wanna make out?" in swedish ;))

So yes! This day have been quite terrific ♥ At some moments, i felt like i was anime hahah! gr8, gr8~
but! now i shall vacuum clean the whole apartment! at 22:00 in the evening... damn i should be sleeping by now.......

well, have a lovely evening, sweetchins ♥

13 Feb 2013

fatsotuesday and notsofatsowednesday

i'm not going to talk much about yesterday, i just want to tell you about one little detail!
so yesterday was february 12th right? just an ordinary tuesday, right? WRONG. not for swede's it ain't.
because you know what that day is in sweden? fettisdagen. which basically translates into fatsotuesday.
and what do we do on on fettisdagen? (which is also more commonly known as Semledagen)
we eat these delicious little shits


anyway, moving on!
today weren't any special, tbh.... but it was a fun day! and i got a text from our local comic shop telling me they've got the new Young Justice, which i pre-ordered november last year thank you very much, in stock now! luckyyyy!! so i'm going to go pick it up on friday i think, since i can't do it tomorrow cause, well, i'll be babysitting my sister.... wow that's actually kinda sad when you think about it: i'm gonna spend valentines day babysitting my sister. oh jolly.
this is actually the first valentines day i'm spending alone in two years ( ꒪⌓꒪) the last two valentines days i were still togehter with Alex u3u ah but fuck it man i'll have a gr8 fucking time babysitting my monkeysister
i really wish some cute girl would give me chocolate tomorrow tho~ 

i actually baked for my classmates today! mudcake cupcakes with lemon frosting! mhmm~

and now we'll finish this post with a face-shot and a hand-shot from today u3u

i really liked how these accessories looked together! ;3;

10 Feb 2013

Sunday more like Soonmonday

good evening! ♥
today was fairly uneventful.... i would've gone shopping with Mimmi and Bel, but in the end Mimmi got a huge fever and Bel couldn't find a buss card ;3;;

so instead i had lunch at the mall with my mother and little sister, and mom bought some things for me! lucky ♥

i got a bikini, since we're going on vacation soon, two small bracelets, a pink skirt and a cute little nightgown ♥
i also got a pink bra and knickers, but i won't get them until it's my birthday u3u 

and tonight mom will make my favourite food of all time since her brother is visiting! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

so even though the day have been uneventful, it have been a very nice day A+ 10/10 MVG ♥

tomorrow i'm going skiing with my class. i'm pretty sure i won't live through the day.... pray for me..........

9 Feb 2013

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

good evening lovelies! ♥

today was a very nice day!
i spent it with my girl Line~ at first we visited an exhibition about studying abroad, but we left after not very long since they didn't really offer any abroad studies we were interested in!
so then we went to my apartment and watched Magi (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
but she just left, and tonight i will spend some time with my family! as soon as my mother gets home, i'm gonna help her cook and then we're probably gonna watch a bit of the swedish eurovision song contest~
mom's going to make one of my favourite meals today! it's sort of a taco gratin??? it's nachos, mince meat (is that what it's called? ( ;´Д`) ), onion and cheese baked in the oven! and then you eat it with guacamole or cheese dip and it's really delicious ~ and she might buy ben&jerry's too! oh man what a lovely evening this will be ♥

as for my outfit today, i wore my new yumetenbo shirt, my new skirt, and my all time favourite stockings~

8 Feb 2013

Shopping with Jacob ~

so today i had another big test, 3 hours long... but i'm pretty sure it went ok, and afterwards i went to the mall with Marlene, Engla, Petra and Sandra to kill some time before i would get three different injections at the doctor ( ꒪⌓꒪) the injection's were for vaccination, btw ~
i was really scared when i would get my injections, but i didn't cry and got captain america band aids! and my mom payed one of the shirts i bought because it was the first time i didn't cry when getting vaccinated!

after my vaccination i took the bus into town and met up with my bro Jury, and we did some shopping, i helped him with a valentine's day gift for his girlfriend, and then we sat down at a café and discussed our future band. it were really gr8~

me and jacob bought matching rings! ψ(`∇´)ψ

also bought these lovely accessories~

and a skirt, shirt and a little bag from H&M, also a shirt from DreamV!
today's look was very casual, but i still liked it a lot! 

and now, lovelies, i'm going to eat kexchoklad and watch a GazettE live dvd! perfect night or what?? might stay up all night watching anime too, hahah (no nellie u should sleep u have practice tomorrow morning)

7 Feb 2013

Just another update

just another boring day ( ꒪⌓꒪)
got up in time, did my thing, hopefully passed my science test, went home, showered, ate
i would've gone to karate practice if i wouldn't been such a lazy scumbag but hey w/e my whole body's super sore from yesterdays practice and i'll go on saturday so it's not like it's the end of the world???
hoho what a boring post! 

i'm working on a song and playing Cassis on the bass atm~ multitasker! sooo i'll just post an outfit picture and then continue with what i was doing hah!

my history teacher told me i looked like Audrey Hapburn today ( ꒪⌓꒪)

6 Feb 2013

Nike - Just do it

Oh man I'm pretty sure I'm gonna pass out any minute now ( ꒪⌓꒪)
Were at martial arts practice for three hours, and our trainer have begun pushing us even harder... I almost threw up!! (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑) But it's ok, cause I know the hard work will pay off later on 〜☆
Also had a huuuuge Swedish test today! Three hours long!!! ew
Also, bass practice. Busy busy day!
Also a person I really admire began following me on instagram today and oh man I am so happy I could die I swear to god.
So what I learnt from this day have probably been that even if you don't feel like it, or if you feel to scared to do it, you should just go for it and do it! Cause in the end that will lead to something good.
Nike - Just do it ☆♪ (come on that joke was hilarious come on laugh a bit)

4 Feb 2013


today have been a big poopoo :(
i've had stomach pains since about midnight and couldn't sleep, overslept slightly but made it in time for school and still looked ok since mom gave me a ride, and then school was just shit. i were so tired since i had hardly slept and thus i fell asleep in math, and my stomach were hurting so much i began to have trouble breathing through half the day. and if that weren't enough i also felt really bad mentally and after math i began crying in front of my swedish teacher. hahah way to go nellie A+
but hey at least i made it through my 2 hour long oral swedish test yes good nellie 10/10
and i think i did good, tbh
i mean my organs were like bleeding or something inside of me during it so i better get a fucking A :)

but hey at least becca's party yesterday were fun!

i had a really hard time deciding what to wear, but in the end i went with the same good ol' stockings as before, my white lolita shoes, and a black little dress with lace at the collar ♥

and now after this worthless little whiny update, i think i'll return to the realm of my bed and hope for my stomach ache to go away ♥ 

2 Feb 2013

soooo tired


so today i overslept and ended up being two hours late for school. well, shit.
nothing special didn't really happen in school, except i got mad at a boy in my class but let's just not talk about that uvu
buuuut then i stopped by the mall on my way home and bought a birthday gift for Becca (who's birthday is tomorrow! ... or today since it's over midnight but hey w/e right it's not tomorrow until i wake up) as well as a basker, a hair-clip and two pairs of socks for myself ~ i've wanted a basker for sooooo long so i'm very happy!
when i got home i had to vacuum clean the whole apartment, but after that i went home to Line! it was really nice, and we talked a lot and watched some animes ~ it wa gr8! i'm totally gonna continue watching the two animes we watched! (BTOOOM! and Magi)
aaaand now i'm just home, and i'm soon gonna go to bed since i'm way tired and i have to get up for practice tomorrow uuugggghhhh

what i bought today ~

♥ and today's look! ♥