4 Feb 2013


today have been a big poopoo :(
i've had stomach pains since about midnight and couldn't sleep, overslept slightly but made it in time for school and still looked ok since mom gave me a ride, and then school was just shit. i were so tired since i had hardly slept and thus i fell asleep in math, and my stomach were hurting so much i began to have trouble breathing through half the day. and if that weren't enough i also felt really bad mentally and after math i began crying in front of my swedish teacher. hahah way to go nellie A+
but hey at least i made it through my 2 hour long oral swedish test yes good nellie 10/10
and i think i did good, tbh
i mean my organs were like bleeding or something inside of me during it so i better get a fucking A :)

but hey at least becca's party yesterday were fun!

i had a really hard time deciding what to wear, but in the end i went with the same good ol' stockings as before, my white lolita shoes, and a black little dress with lace at the collar ♥

and now after this worthless little whiny update, i think i'll return to the realm of my bed and hope for my stomach ache to go away ♥ 

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