31 Jul 2013

The Aftermath of NärCon

No, this will not be a post about NärCon, I'll do that tomorrow. This will be a post about what I've done since I've gotten home from NärCon!

The day I returned from NärCon I just enjoyed the peace and quiet, watching a romantic comedy (and crying over it), pestering Linn over the phone, and only left the house to buy cigarettes and chocolate...
The following day Linn and Oliver came over and we watched Shingeki no Kyojin and another romantic comedy (I'm sorry I've gotten a thing for romcoms lately).
The next day we went into town and had a fika!
We also bought hair dye and bleach for Linns hair, which I cut and bleached+dyed later that evening!

My outfit ~


Today I went shopping and had another fika with my bro Bel, and now we're watching another romcom and wondering whether or not we just saw a thunderbolt outside...

And with that I take my leave! Stay tuned for another post tomorrow!


Gotland + Värnamo

Hey babes!

It's been a while, and I've been up to a lot so I've got some blogging to do!
This post will be about the trip to Gotland and Värnamo I did with Linn!

So me and Linn took the boat to the swedish island Gotland, where we stayed for three nights in the city Visby.
We had a great time investigating Visby, shopping, and watching American Horror Story: Asylym

 We also befriended stone sheeps

Bought this dress at a store in Visby!

After our time in Visby we took the boat back to the mainland to the city Värnamo!
The city itself wasn't very exciting, and we mostly watched Blue Mountain State at our hotel room...
However, we did go to the theme park "The World of Astrid Lindgren", which was a lot of fun!
The park consisted of small replicas of settings from different Astrid Lindgren stories like Pippi Longstocking, Brothers Lionheart, Ronja the Robber's Daughter, etc!

 My favourite parts of the park was a part called "The Little Land" where all the houses were really tiny (so I could pretend to be a titan), and the Brothers Lionheart part!
I'm actually a huge sucker for the Brothers Lionheart. I love that movie so much.

And then we went back home to Stockholm, and shortly after I went to the swedish convention NärCon! I'll write about NärCon eventually, but it'll have to wait for now!


3 Jul 2013

Lens Review: Maxiy Barbie Brown (G&G Dolly Brown)

Last week I ordered a pair of Maxiy Barbie Brown lenses from Honeycolor.com, and since they arrived this morning I thought I'd try to make a review on them!

Maxiy Barbie Brown
Also known as G&G Dolly Brown

Review by: Nerikodono

Diameter: 14.5 mm

Design: 3/5

I think the design of these lenses look really cute while they're just in the lens containers, but when I put them in my eyes it just sort of... disappears.

Color: 3/5

Since I have quite bright eyes, they don't really cover my eyes all the way and the color looks more like a dark circle around my normal eyes. However, I do think these would look really good on someone with darker eyes!

Comfort: 4/5

These lenses are very soft, and they feel very comfortable! After a while they do get dry and a tiny bit uncomfortable, though, but I experience that with all of my lenses.

Enlargment: 3/5

I'm used to wearing 15.0 mm lenses, so I think these are a little bit too small to be honest. However, I do think they make your eyes bigger, and the size is definately enough! I wouldn't have minded if they were just a little bit bigger though...

All in all I like these lenses. I bought them because I wanted more natural lenses than my extremely vibrant MAX Elegance Tri Tone Green and Violet lenses, and they do their job. They could have been better, but I like them anyway! I will have to get used to the slightly smaller diameter~