24 Feb 2013

NärCon Winter - Home Again!

i'm back from NärCon, and i'm so tired i could pass out any second. didn't get much sleep when sharing a hotel room and a queen-sized bed with Jonte and Bel.... waaaaaaayyy too much to talk about!

so! about the con!
it was really fun, and really cold! we met some very nice people and got much compliments for our cosplays, which was really nice!

First Day - Friday

Me and Bel took a train to Linköping at 10:29 in the morning, and arrived somewhere between 12:00-13:00! We then found the hotel, got our rooms (which we immediately managed to make extremely messy) and I put on the rest of my cosplay before we went to the con! We had to wait in line for almost two hours i think, and it was really cold!!
Shortly after we got in at the con, Laura, Mimmi and Jonte arrived!

I cosplayed E. Aster Bunnymund (aka the Easter bunny) from Rise of the Guardians the first day, and Bel cosplayed Jack Frost with me. The others didn't cosplay.

This is the only picture I have of that cosplay right now, but Laura took some great pictures so I'll upload some better looking ones when she shares the photos!

Day Two - Saturday

After talking with my roommates Bel and Jonte until like 02:00 AM it was rough getting up at 07:00, but we made it!! And had a lovely breakfast consisting mostly of cake. It was marvelous.

I cosplayed Austria/Roderich Edelstein from Hetalia the second day with Bel as Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt, and Jonte cosplayed Kanaya Maryam from Homestuck. Laura and Mimmi didn't cosplay.

Truly sorry for my lack of decent photos....... Tho, as said, I know for sure that Laura took some great photos! So have patience~

And here we have Jonte getting ready, and also a small part of our extremely messy bathroom!

Me and Bel befriended some really great and nice Hetalia cosplayers, and also attended a meet-up before changing into our Homestuck cosplays!

I cosplayed Sollux, and Bel cosplayed Aradia! Still, no other pics......

And after we returned to the hotel me, Bel and Jonte stayed up talking until like???? 04:00 AM??? It was lovely.

Here, have a video of Bel as Aradia walking funnily and also my stupid laugh.
underbart asså

Day Three - Sunday

Rise of the last day. Which also is today.
Naturally, after staying up for so long after not getting much sleep the night before either, we managed to oversleep. So instead of getting up at 07:00 AM and then giving Laura and Mimmi a phonecall to wake 'em up; we slept until about 08:40. Yeah. Good job. A+
So we hurried down to the breakfast buffé and ate pancakes and cakes and drank juice of of shot glasses. What a balenced breakfast.
We then hurried to change into our clothes, Bel were the only one to cosplay today and she went as Jack Frost again.


I wore some of the new things I bought at the convention (a cat ears diadem, a lolita blouse, pink fishnets, pink and white metamorphose stockings, and a new necklace and ring), as shown in the left pic! In the right pic we have a very tired Bel as Jack Frost. We were all very tired.... And sick.......

So after chatting a bit with some friends and walking a final round at the con, we went to Espresso House to kill some time before mine, Bel's and Jonte's train would depart.

The Train Ride
We were quite exhausted, but we managed to keep up for a while before Jonte went to sleep.

Ssssssshhhhh, he's asleep......

 Bel tried to get some sleep too, but didn't succeed... I actually fell asleep for a short while!

And now I'm home! Super tired, ready to pass out... But nope, I have to unpack my things and then pack my bag again since I'm leaving for Dubai tomorrow. So I'll do that, and then get some sleep!

If you read this way-too-long-post, I like you!! You're my new favourite.


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