21 Feb 2013

Winter NärCon

hiya lads!

so tomorrow i'm going to a convention in linköping called Winter NärCon! i'm going there with bel, mimmi, laura and jonte and it's going to be great!
i'll cosplay as Bunnymund (Rise of the Guardians), Austria/Roderich Edelstein (Hetalia) and Sollux (Homestuck)! i'll also go as myself on the last day with jonte as my visual kei boifrando ~

so i'll try to update my blog atleast once, but we'll see!
however, you can look forward to tons of pictures, and maybe even videos since me and bel are going to make vlogs, when i get back home on sunday!

tho, the day after i get home i'm going to dubai for a well deserved vacation in the sun! if i have wi-fi there i'll update, but as said; we'll see!

so that's all i wanted to say! see ya lovelies<3

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