21 Nov 2013

Phoneless and dying...

Hey there fellas...

If you follow me on twitter or tumblr, you've probably seen that my phone was stolen last sunday. 
So, I've been through four days without a phone and I CAN'T TAKE THIS
Ahem. Yes, as I was saying... That means I haven't been able to upload anything on instagram, take outfit photos/selcas, and lots of other things I use my phone for. I also have no idea what time it is most of the time. Yay.
Buuuuut, if things goes smoothly I'll get a new one this weekend...

Aside from that? Not much is happening. I'm tired all the time, I have the most beautiful girlfriend in the world, great bandmembers, pretty much that. 
And Sweden is getting colder and colder and I'm dying. Yesterday I thought it was a good idea to do a oraora kei inspired outfit... Consisting of pants that ended under my knee and a top showing off my bellybutton... Yes, I was freezing my ass off, thank you very much.

And, to end this pretty much meaningless post; here's an outfit pic from this weekend!

Wig: CosplayWig on eBay
Hair accessories: Ergi & H&M
Dress: DreamV/Yumetenbo
Tattoo tights: Amai-shop
Shoes: DreamV/Yumetenbo

16 Nov 2013


So as I said in yesterdays post, I'll make this post about what's going on with my band DAiZiES right now!
As you probably know, I play the bass in a visual kei inspired rock band called DAiZiES. Lately DAiZiES have been going through some changes. Mainly, there have been changes in the band set up. 
First of all we're now five members instead of four, and one of our old members left and was replaced. 
Our current set up looks like this:
(Cursive text = doesn't have a stagename yet)

Vocals - Vincent
Lead Guitar - JURY
Rhythm Guitar - RiA
Bass - LUCiFER (me)
Drums - SHiRO

So, JURY is now rocking out on the guitar instead of doing vocals, we have a new vocalist, MiKURU left the band and was replaced by our new lovely rhythm guitarist! So that's our current set up.

Right now we're working hard on our song PAINT ME RED 
We've begun to rehearse two times a week, and we're all feeling that we make lots of progress! It's really going forward, so keep your eyes open! Soon we'll blow your minds (I hope...)!

When we feel ready, we'll create some social media accounts! Mainly youtube and facebook, but maybe even an instagram or twitter..? I hope that you guys are looking forward to hear DAiZiES finished result as much as I am! I can't wait until we've finished PAINT ME RED!

Aside from PAINT ME RED, we're also planning some other songs! One of them is kind of a sequel to PMR, and more of a slow (but powerful!) song! And well, let's just say we have a lot to finish and you guys have a lot to look forward to!

Your Devil on the Bass; Lucifer

15 Nov 2013



Today I went to the japanese flea market in Stockholm (Japanloppisen) with my homies Linn, Pella, Jonathan, Bel, Laura and Shiro! We had a great time, and I found some really nice stuff at the market!

These are the things I bought:

A pair of tattoo tights (loving them already!) with chains and a bird, leopard ring and necklace, a white bow with pearls, and a bag from Liz Lisa!

I am really happy with all of the things I bought, especially the bag! I got it really cheap too! (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡
The tattoo tights makes me want to get a similar tattoo ;3;;

I dolled up like crazy today, I even had a gold chain in my hair! My neck is so sore now, though, since my hair was so heavy on the side! Ugh, the things I go through for fashion...
But I felt very pleased with my look!

That's it for now! I'll try to make another post tomorrow about what DAiZiES (my band) is doing right now! So look forward to that, please!


9 Nov 2013

Tattoo + Shopping + Mindless Update

Hey cute-oos!

This week have been a bit of a bummer, but after spending friday night with my lovely girlfriend I feel way better and happier. Basically, now that I've recovered a bit from the horrible state I've been in this week, I feel like I'm ready to kick life in the butt again!

I'll spend the weekend at home, playing my bass, writing music, catching up on some TV-shows... Just doing mindless, lazy, things to rest up a bit and collect the pieces of myself. 
Might go christmas shopping with my mum tomorrow, though! 

Some good things that've happened this week though!
Mum made up her mind about me getting a tattoo, and after new years I'll get my tattoo!
The tattoo I'm going to get is these kanji on my right shoulder blade:

It's the title of GazettE's single "Miseinen" from 2004. 
As I've ranted about in an earlier post, this song means the world to me and without it I don't know what would've become of me. 
So this tattoo is something very important to me, and the fact that I'll be getting it in about two months makes me so happy.

I've also ordered some clothes! Yoohooo! Fight yo sadness with material happiness aww yes.

What I've ordered:

Pre-owned ma*rs top! 
I'm very excited about this item, since I've wanted to get my hands on some ma*rs clothes for a while now! It also has an open back, which I have a very soft spot for, and goes in some of my favourite colours; pink, black, and gold!

Pink maid dress!
I've wanted a maid dress for a while, and when I got my titan mask I kept giggling at the image of wearing a maid dress while wearing my titan mask. So I finally got one! 

Leopard dress, red pumps and leopard heels!
I also ordered these lovely items from DreamV/Yumetenbo!
I just love the combination of red and leopard, so I'll definitely wear the red pumps with the leopard dress!
I got the leopard shoes as well mainly because I'm beginning to develop a weak spot for leopard, and also because I really like the design of the ankle strap with the gold chains! I think these shoes will look great with a black outfit!

As you've may have noticed by these buys I'm beginning to take a huge liking to more "dark" and "sexy" styles.
When I began dressing gyaru I was all about the hime and cute looks, but lately I've found myself dressing a bit more rokku, a bit more "dark", "sexy" and "rebellious"! 
I've also been falling in love with d.i.a and ma*rs clothing, as well as oraora kei and ane gyaru styles. Basically, I like to mix things up and this is what I've got my eyes set on lately!

Before I dressed gyaru I often dressed very rock-ish, and my personality and views have always been pretty rough, borderline aggressive, rebellious, etc. Basically, my personality really don't match my style when I dress hime/cute, lol. 
I think it's kind of cool in a way, though! I like the heavy contrast between how I dress and act, the kind of music I listen to, etc. 

To end my rambling, here's a selca from this tuesday!
I recorded a tutorial while putting on my makeup that day, and if I can find the energy and time I'll try to edit it and put it up on my youtube channel!

See you cuties,

3 Nov 2013

Linn and Nellie's British Adventures

Hey there!
So, a couple of days ago me and Linn returned from London!
It was a great trip that consisted mostly of shopping and being rude in swedish to the poor brits (who couldn't understand shit) when they walked into us at the subway stations. Best part of going abroad: you can tell them to suck your dick and they won't understand a thing. 

So, let's write some about the trip, then!

Day 1 - Airplanes and KFC

So the first day of our british adventures was spent mostly in an airplane, watching AHS: Coven and taking silly pictures on my Mac. 

After taking ground, we took a cab to the hotel and admired the christmas-feeling it had!

It was so pretty!

After a quick rest at the room, we then headed out to grab some KFC!

The left pic is me actually enjoying the rain (I've just missed London a lot, even the rain...) and the right pic is just us being dumb and the glorious british flag!

Day 2 - Rise of the shopping

The second day was the first "real" day, I'd say. 
After waking up Linn by playing some Backstreet Boys (which then became our jam the whole trip) we went down to the hotel breakfast and was left speechless. The breakfast was glorious! It had scrambled eggs, muffins (they we're so fluffy, but without being dry. like clouds...), croissants, applepie-things, fruit, berries, everything! Damn, I miss that breakfast...

Anyway, after stuffing our faces with food, we headed out into the big city!
Beautiful "waiting-for-the-train"-pic. 

Our first stop was the shopping centre Trocadero at Picadilly Circus, since there lies a store called Tokyo Toys where they sell various anime things, some japanese fashion items, and circle lenses!
We both got a pair of circle lenses each, some cute tights, and I also got myself a titan mask (which I then became attached to my body, I swear)!
Then we went to Oxford Street and visited a few shops, and also spent a lot of time at Primark! Damn, do I love Primark.
I got a hat with cat ears, an ugly christmas sweater (that jingles!), a jeans dress and two knickers!
We also went to Claire's, where I got three ribbons for my hair!

The results of my shopping spree!

We also had lunch at Starbucks, where our inner Blue Mountain State freaks came out and we tried to get them to write "Thad Castle" and "Alex Moran" on our cups. The result was... varied.

I tried wearing buns with my wig that day, but after a while I took the buns out since they began falling apart... 

I liked wearing buns, and I probably will wear it again!

And outfit:

Bonus titan-pic...

Day 2 - Shopping: The sequel

First we headed out to Camden Town, and after looking through most of it we went to Picadilly Circus again.
At Camden we both got ourself matching pairs of white stay-ups, garterbelts and fancy cigarette cases!
When we got to Picadilly again, we went to Tokyo Toys once more where I got another pair of cute tights that I'd been contemplating the day before and also bought a set of japanese candy! Yum!
However, before we got to Picadilly we accidentally stumbled into China Town!
And man, China Town was great!
We found some really great stores which sold rilakkuma stuff, Dolly Wink, Diamond Lash, Palty, etc! We also visited a shop that had a purikura! Of course we took some pics!
I really like these pictures ;3;;

We also got matching Rilakkuma lighters, and I bought three packages of false lashes (one from toyoepin, one from Dolly Wink, and one from Diamond Lash). However, one of the packages managed to fall out of my bag later that day... That was a bummer for sure...

Sightseeing; titan style~

And, well, my look for the day starring my new cat-hat;

That night we had dinner at a indian restaurant, and it was delicious! 

Day 3 - Going Home

We had to get up very early for our flight, so both of us were very tired... We spent the flight watching Perks of Being a Wallflower and sleeping...
When we got home I didn't have much time to rest before I had to head over to rehearsal with DAiZiES. Man, I almost fell asleep on the floor...

But, all in all, it was a great trip and I am very satisfied with it!
I'll try to make another update tomorrow, but until then;

(If you think I will proof-read this you are wrong)