24 Jun 2013

♥ Yumetenbo Haul ♥

'Sup sweethearts! 

About a week ago, I placed an order with a few Yumetenbo/DreamV items from Rakuten. And as I got home from work today (because yes, I'm working this week) I was greeted by a huge package at the post office! And my day went from 'nah ok' to 'sweet jesus god yes'

So, since my order arrived, I'm gonna make a post about it!

White Heart-Heel Ribbon Shoes

 My love for these shoes are infinite.
The design of the heel is gorgeous, and the many ribbons and lace makes them super cute!
I own another pair of heart-heeled Yumetenbo shoes, and the only negative thing I've noticed is that the black heel plug is very loose... I had to change the plugs of my other pair after using the shoes once.
They're surprisingly comfortable to walk in though!

Black Ribbon Heels

 A while ago I noticed I didn't own much black shoes that went well with my darker outfits, and when I saw these shoes I just knew they'd be perfect!
I really like the design, I'm weak for ribbons...
The pink ribbons on the heels is a very nice touch!

Chocolate Brown and Pink Bunny Sweater

 I am so in love with this shirt.
I love the heart-shaped pockets, as well as the ribbons and bunny-ears.
I really like the colour combination of pink and brown as well!
It's also very cozy and extremely soft 
 Frilly Cream Camisole

 I like the design on this one a lot, but when I tried it on it looked a bit weird on me.
I will try to make a few adjustments with my sewing machine!

Pink Shorrts with Lace and Flowers

These shorts are just perfect.
They fit perfectly, and the design is just gorgeous!
They also look very cute together with the bunny sweater 

And that was it!
I'm also waiting for a pair of brown lenses to arrive, and when they do I'm going to try to make a review of them!

Besides that, I am working this week (as I mentioned earlier) which means that I won't be as active on my Instagram account since I don't bother to do the whole gyaru-thing when I'm just going to sit in an office all day... (except for tomorrow maybe, since I want to wear my new clothes and might hang out with a friend afterwards)
A place where I will be very active during my work hours, though, is Twitter! I am actually a very fast worker (and have been doing this work for a very long time, so I know the drill), and therefore can afford to tweet a lot during work and still finish my work on time ahah ~

I work at an office where I do very repetitive chores, which is quite boring to be honest... Though the chore I started with today (putting a stamp, adress and fill 800+ envelopes) is very easy, and once you get the hang of it you can watch movies and such while you're doing it! So I re-watched Shingeki no Kyojin during work today ~ 

Well, that's all for now!

19 Jun 2013

Why am I so fascinated by horror movies

As I'm writing this i am extremely tired and kinda hungover and all I want is to sleep but I'm still fucking terrified over Sinister and Grave Encounters. 

Anyway! I'm trying to distract myself with blogging and talking to people on Skype and KiK, so here we go!

I watched Sinister and Grave Encounters two days ago, but I haven't had to sleep alone or be alone for a long time before now. So now when I'm all alone I feel really scared ;3;;

But! Yesterday I had a small get-together/"party"! Some of my old classmates came, as well as my dear friend Line 
So we drank and talked and it was nice 

Today was movie night with my babes Bel and Steph!
We watched Hercules and Hangover II and made tacos, and it was great 
I love the Hercules movie, it's so good! And Hades is just so great hahah 

Tomorrow I'm going to meet up with Oliver and Jacob, drummer and vocalist of my band, and do whatever. 

Lately my love for the swedish music duo Norlie&KKV has grown. I've always found them amazing, but lately I've just??? They're really fucking amazing.
So here's their latest single "Faller"(Falling)!

15 Jun 2013

Summer Break


I got summer break this wednesday, which is great! But it's also a bit sad, because this was my last year with my classmates. After this summer I'll start high school in a new school, with new people and new subjects. I'm actually quite excited! But, of course, it's sad to be separated from my old classmates... 

However! Since we're graduating from 9th grade, all 9th graders at our school attended a prom. Which was okay, but not that exciting. The big fun was when me and my class ditched prom and went to a lake to get drunk. It was great! And we got completely shitfaced. And I was really embarrassing, and accidentaly cut my feet open on broken glass and that's really all you need to know :-)))

Then came graduation day. It was sad. So very, very sad. We promised eachother we'd keep contact tho!

In Sweden it is tradition that all girls wear white dresses on all graduations  ~
And then came summer break. Beautiful summer break and lots of sleep!

Today, I went with some friends to a japanese inspired flea market in Stockholm!
Even though I told myself not to buy anything, I ended up buying a white harness, a DreamV skirt and some eyelashes ~
Skirt and lashes

After the flea market me, Steph, Saga, Jözz, Alex and Joss had a nice fika.
It was a really lovely day, and the company even more lovely 

    Today's outfit

Me and my band DAiZiES also had a photoshoot this week! We're still waiting for the pictures, but I'll make a post once we get them!

And that's all for now! 

9 Jun 2013

☆ SummeR ☆

Who sucks at updating? I do.
I've been really busy with school and lots of other stuff lately, and my computer have been acting up. But summer break is only three days away, and I've been allowed to use my mothers old computer until I get a new one when I start my new school after summer! So, I'm going to try to be a better blogger from now on. 

Tomorrow me and my band DAiZiES is having a photoshoot, which I am very excited about!
I also have prom tomorrow night~

I'm looking forward to this summer a lot. I won't travel much, since I choose to stay at home when my family decided to travel. I just didn't feel up for it, you know (´Д` )
However, I will spend a lot of time with my friends, and I'm going to a con, and in September I'm going to Finland to see the GazettE live!
Can you believe that? I'm going to see my favourite band, my heroes, live. I'm smiling just by thinking about it ♡ 

Anyway, I need to do some laundry now, so that's it for now!
Good night ♡