10 Feb 2013

Sunday more like Soonmonday

good evening! ♥
today was fairly uneventful.... i would've gone shopping with Mimmi and Bel, but in the end Mimmi got a huge fever and Bel couldn't find a buss card ;3;;

so instead i had lunch at the mall with my mother and little sister, and mom bought some things for me! lucky ♥

i got a bikini, since we're going on vacation soon, two small bracelets, a pink skirt and a cute little nightgown ♥
i also got a pink bra and knickers, but i won't get them until it's my birthday u3u 

and tonight mom will make my favourite food of all time since her brother is visiting! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

so even though the day have been uneventful, it have been a very nice day A+ 10/10 MVG ♥

tomorrow i'm going skiing with my class. i'm pretty sure i won't live through the day.... pray for me..........

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