18 Feb 2013


So today was my mothers birthday!
She turned 45, and we had some relatives over for dinner! It was really nice ~

this weekend i didn't do anything special, thus the lack of blogging.... i don't even remember what i did on friday, and saturday i worked at the café i'm hired at and then stayed up until five in the morning watching skins and and crying over hetalia with bel.... and sunday? i slept until three in the afternoon and then went to the mall with my mother.

So, as i just mentioned I've begun watching Hetalia again! And honestly? Why the fuck did I ever stop.
It's really a great show! I just love all the characters, and everything about it is just so very lovely! And the new season is superdupergreat! Waaaaahhh I'm getting all mushy ;3;;;
I think it's been about a year since I "quit" Hetalia, and now when I'm sorta going back I feel all... idk, emotional? Because it used to be such a huge part of me and my friends lives.
I also re-discovered Vocaloid that saturday night/sunday morning! Vocaloid used to be, just like Hetalia, a really big part of my life. I met some truly wonderfun friends through Vocaloid, and the music always made me feel all lovely and gooey. So I thought hey, why don't I check out some Vocaloid again? And, once again, i turned all mushy and weepy. Going back to old things/fandoms like that and
 remembering the past makes me really emotional...
 Kaito's voice still gives me shivers ;3;;

Ah, well!! Enough about my mushy feelings!
I'm starting to learn The Beginning by ONE OK ROCK on the bass! It feels lovely ~

As to end this post, I'll show you guys an amazing song! Hitohira no Hanabira - Stereopony
The song were one of the many openings for the anime adaption of my all time favourite manga: Bleach
And while the anime sucked balls, it did have some great music.


  1. Dat song omg fyfan vad bra

    1. walla bror jag säger ju min musiksmak är fan bäst