19 Mar 2014

Sweet 17

Last week I had my 17th birthday (March the 13th), which was spent with a fever in front of Lord of the Rings...
But even though I'd been down with a fever for three days straight, it was a nice birthday! I didn't mind just laying on the couch with LotR all day, and my girlfriend came by for a while to give me a birthday present (cigarettes and an AC/DC cd) so all in all it was nice! When my family came home later we had thai take out and I got to open my presents. The only downside to this birthday was actually that I couldn't spend it with my best friend, whom also has her birthday on march the 13th. 

The original plan for mine and Linn's birthday had been to go to our favourite restaurant with our families and partners, and then to go bowling, but since we both was sick we couldn't do any of that... But oh well!

The gifts I got was:

Leopard Backpack from H&M

Bag from Be Exclusive

Black Heels

Studded Black Heels from H&M

Red skirt from H&M

Wonderstruck Perfume and Body Lotion Set by Taylor Swift
(Personally I don't really like Taylor Swift, even though her songs are mighty catchy... But these smell glorious!)

I also got a gift card that I can use in all stores in a certain shopping mall, which I will spend soon enough!

See you next time!


15 Mar 2014

GinaBarto LuxLocks Sponsored Wig Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the shop owner of ginabarto.etsy.com and ended up getting sponsored with one of the wigs from her store!

I was thrilled, since the shop has a lot of beautiful wigs, and as I got the wig I was even more thrilled!
The wig is absolutely perfect, and I really have nothing bad to say about it!

The wig is thick and of great quality, and it even smells fantastic!
Some of the wigs of the store may be quite pricey, but it's definitely worth it's price!
The wig is soft, and you can't see through the strands of hair in any way. The hair doesn't fall of, so you won't end up with wig hair all over your room either!
You should definitely check out some of this store's wigs!

I am extremely satisfied with this wig, I'm practically in love with it!
The store owner offers great contact throughout the process and the shipping is relatively fast!

The wig I got was this one:

                             Manhattan // Brunette Full Synthetic Wig

Well that's all for now peeps!
See you next time!


6 Mar 2014

Chapped lips?

Lately I've had very dry lips, and I've been biting and picking at my lips until they start bleeding.
This got me worried, since me and Saga is having our 6 months anniversary this weekend, and I wouldn't want to have trashed lips by then! So I freaked.
But since my best friend Linn have the best timing ever, she made a DIY tutorial on how to make a lip scrub that will make your lips look like new! It really worked for me, so I'll put a link to it here so you guys can check it out in case you share my problem!

> > LINK < <