13 Feb 2013

fatsotuesday and notsofatsowednesday

i'm not going to talk much about yesterday, i just want to tell you about one little detail!
so yesterday was february 12th right? just an ordinary tuesday, right? WRONG. not for swede's it ain't.
because you know what that day is in sweden? fettisdagen. which basically translates into fatsotuesday.
and what do we do on on fettisdagen? (which is also more commonly known as Semledagen)
we eat these delicious little shits


anyway, moving on!
today weren't any special, tbh.... but it was a fun day! and i got a text from our local comic shop telling me they've got the new Young Justice, which i pre-ordered november last year thank you very much, in stock now! luckyyyy!! so i'm going to go pick it up on friday i think, since i can't do it tomorrow cause, well, i'll be babysitting my sister.... wow that's actually kinda sad when you think about it: i'm gonna spend valentines day babysitting my sister. oh jolly.
this is actually the first valentines day i'm spending alone in two years ( ꒪⌓꒪) the last two valentines days i were still togehter with Alex u3u ah but fuck it man i'll have a gr8 fucking time babysitting my monkeysister
i really wish some cute girl would give me chocolate tomorrow tho~ 

i actually baked for my classmates today! mudcake cupcakes with lemon frosting! mhmm~

and now we'll finish this post with a face-shot and a hand-shot from today u3u

i really liked how these accessories looked together! ;3;

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