9 Jun 2013

☆ SummeR ☆

Who sucks at updating? I do.
I've been really busy with school and lots of other stuff lately, and my computer have been acting up. But summer break is only three days away, and I've been allowed to use my mothers old computer until I get a new one when I start my new school after summer! So, I'm going to try to be a better blogger from now on. 

Tomorrow me and my band DAiZiES is having a photoshoot, which I am very excited about!
I also have prom tomorrow night~

I'm looking forward to this summer a lot. I won't travel much, since I choose to stay at home when my family decided to travel. I just didn't feel up for it, you know (´Д` )
However, I will spend a lot of time with my friends, and I'm going to a con, and in September I'm going to Finland to see the GazettE live!
Can you believe that? I'm going to see my favourite band, my heroes, live. I'm smiling just by thinking about it ♡ 

Anyway, I need to do some laundry now, so that's it for now!
Good night ♡ 


  1. Why can't I follow you?T3T I don't find the button...you're so beautiful lady make me wanna kiss you haha!♥

  2. ahh i'm not sure, but i think i fixed the button? not sure tho!!
    thank u sweetie uvu <3