19 Jun 2013

Why am I so fascinated by horror movies

As I'm writing this i am extremely tired and kinda hungover and all I want is to sleep but I'm still fucking terrified over Sinister and Grave Encounters. 

Anyway! I'm trying to distract myself with blogging and talking to people on Skype and KiK, so here we go!

I watched Sinister and Grave Encounters two days ago, but I haven't had to sleep alone or be alone for a long time before now. So now when I'm all alone I feel really scared ;3;;

But! Yesterday I had a small get-together/"party"! Some of my old classmates came, as well as my dear friend Line 
So we drank and talked and it was nice 

Today was movie night with my babes Bel and Steph!
We watched Hercules and Hangover II and made tacos, and it was great 
I love the Hercules movie, it's so good! And Hades is just so great hahah 

Tomorrow I'm going to meet up with Oliver and Jacob, drummer and vocalist of my band, and do whatever. 

Lately my love for the swedish music duo Norlie&KKV has grown. I've always found them amazing, but lately I've just??? They're really fucking amazing.
So here's their latest single "Faller"(Falling)!

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