6 May 2013

Worst Blogger In the World

Yeah, I really fucking suck at updating.
But! Here's a post. In which I'm going to write a whole lot'a shit.
So here we go.

I don't think there's been anything special that's happened since I last updated (but I'm super tired atm so I might be wrong...). Though one thing is, me and my band have gotten started!
The first cover that we're working on is Deeper Deeper by ONE OK ROCK

These are the members in my band:

Jacob "JURY" - Vocals & Guitar
Steph "MiKURU" - Guitar
Oliver "SHiRO" - Drums
Nellie "KAORi"/"K.O" (me) - Bass & Backup Vocals

I haven't really made up my mind about my stage-name yet ;3;; It'll either be Kaori or K.O, but I really can't choose one... Any help from you guys?  

I've also done some shopping lately! For example, I have a new obsession with white dresses.... They're just so pretty!!
My DreamV shoes also came in the mail some days ago!

My new shoes!
I also went to the movies with Jacob, and we watched Mama! It was soooooo scary, but sosososo good!!! A+ 10/10 do recommend
At the movies~

Last Friday there was the annual Japanese themed flea market in Stockholm, and of course me and my friends went! I didn't have a lot of money to spend, but I did get my hand on a lovely bunny hoodie from Super Lovers, a pair of tattoo tights, and a pair of small devil horn's!
Bunny Butt 
Hoodie and Tattoo tights

Yesterday me and my mom went to Ikea to buy some new furniture for my room since we decided it needed to be redecorated, so yesterday and today have been spent building together Ikea furniture.... (I'm never going to be a builder)((never))
Or, well, of course I went to school today also! So here's my outfit for today!

I wore a dress from Super Lovers I got last christmas, and a pair of polka-dotted red ballerina shoes with a small heel, open toes and a ribbon in the front

Wow, this post was so uninteresting. I am so sorry. I have been building furniture for hours. I am not capable of an interesting post right now. Sorry, sorry, sorry,,,,,,,,
Well, goodnight!

(Oh, and in case you missed it, I've changed the URL to my blog to match with my instagram account! The new URL is www.nerikodono.blogspot.com)

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