15 Nov 2013



Today I went to the japanese flea market in Stockholm (Japanloppisen) with my homies Linn, Pella, Jonathan, Bel, Laura and Shiro! We had a great time, and I found some really nice stuff at the market!

These are the things I bought:

A pair of tattoo tights (loving them already!) with chains and a bird, leopard ring and necklace, a white bow with pearls, and a bag from Liz Lisa!

I am really happy with all of the things I bought, especially the bag! I got it really cheap too! (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡
The tattoo tights makes me want to get a similar tattoo ;3;;

I dolled up like crazy today, I even had a gold chain in my hair! My neck is so sore now, though, since my hair was so heavy on the side! Ugh, the things I go through for fashion...
But I felt very pleased with my look!

That's it for now! I'll try to make another post tomorrow about what DAiZiES (my band) is doing right now! So look forward to that, please!


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