16 Nov 2013


So as I said in yesterdays post, I'll make this post about what's going on with my band DAiZiES right now!
As you probably know, I play the bass in a visual kei inspired rock band called DAiZiES. Lately DAiZiES have been going through some changes. Mainly, there have been changes in the band set up. 
First of all we're now five members instead of four, and one of our old members left and was replaced. 
Our current set up looks like this:
(Cursive text = doesn't have a stagename yet)

Vocals - Vincent
Lead Guitar - JURY
Rhythm Guitar - RiA
Bass - LUCiFER (me)
Drums - SHiRO

So, JURY is now rocking out on the guitar instead of doing vocals, we have a new vocalist, MiKURU left the band and was replaced by our new lovely rhythm guitarist! So that's our current set up.

Right now we're working hard on our song PAINT ME RED 
We've begun to rehearse two times a week, and we're all feeling that we make lots of progress! It's really going forward, so keep your eyes open! Soon we'll blow your minds (I hope...)!

When we feel ready, we'll create some social media accounts! Mainly youtube and facebook, but maybe even an instagram or twitter..? I hope that you guys are looking forward to hear DAiZiES finished result as much as I am! I can't wait until we've finished PAINT ME RED!

Aside from PAINT ME RED, we're also planning some other songs! One of them is kind of a sequel to PMR, and more of a slow (but powerful!) song! And well, let's just say we have a lot to finish and you guys have a lot to look forward to!

Your Devil on the Bass; Lucifer

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