9 Nov 2013

Tattoo + Shopping + Mindless Update

Hey cute-oos!

This week have been a bit of a bummer, but after spending friday night with my lovely girlfriend I feel way better and happier. Basically, now that I've recovered a bit from the horrible state I've been in this week, I feel like I'm ready to kick life in the butt again!

I'll spend the weekend at home, playing my bass, writing music, catching up on some TV-shows... Just doing mindless, lazy, things to rest up a bit and collect the pieces of myself. 
Might go christmas shopping with my mum tomorrow, though! 

Some good things that've happened this week though!
Mum made up her mind about me getting a tattoo, and after new years I'll get my tattoo!
The tattoo I'm going to get is these kanji on my right shoulder blade:

It's the title of GazettE's single "Miseinen" from 2004. 
As I've ranted about in an earlier post, this song means the world to me and without it I don't know what would've become of me. 
So this tattoo is something very important to me, and the fact that I'll be getting it in about two months makes me so happy.

I've also ordered some clothes! Yoohooo! Fight yo sadness with material happiness aww yes.

What I've ordered:

Pre-owned ma*rs top! 
I'm very excited about this item, since I've wanted to get my hands on some ma*rs clothes for a while now! It also has an open back, which I have a very soft spot for, and goes in some of my favourite colours; pink, black, and gold!

Pink maid dress!
I've wanted a maid dress for a while, and when I got my titan mask I kept giggling at the image of wearing a maid dress while wearing my titan mask. So I finally got one! 

Leopard dress, red pumps and leopard heels!
I also ordered these lovely items from DreamV/Yumetenbo!
I just love the combination of red and leopard, so I'll definitely wear the red pumps with the leopard dress!
I got the leopard shoes as well mainly because I'm beginning to develop a weak spot for leopard, and also because I really like the design of the ankle strap with the gold chains! I think these shoes will look great with a black outfit!

As you've may have noticed by these buys I'm beginning to take a huge liking to more "dark" and "sexy" styles.
When I began dressing gyaru I was all about the hime and cute looks, but lately I've found myself dressing a bit more rokku, a bit more "dark", "sexy" and "rebellious"! 
I've also been falling in love with d.i.a and ma*rs clothing, as well as oraora kei and ane gyaru styles. Basically, I like to mix things up and this is what I've got my eyes set on lately!

Before I dressed gyaru I often dressed very rock-ish, and my personality and views have always been pretty rough, borderline aggressive, rebellious, etc. Basically, my personality really don't match my style when I dress hime/cute, lol. 
I think it's kind of cool in a way, though! I like the heavy contrast between how I dress and act, the kind of music I listen to, etc. 

To end my rambling, here's a selca from this tuesday!
I recorded a tutorial while putting on my makeup that day, and if I can find the energy and time I'll try to edit it and put it up on my youtube channel!

See you cuties,