3 Jul 2013

Lens Review: Maxiy Barbie Brown (G&G Dolly Brown)

Last week I ordered a pair of Maxiy Barbie Brown lenses from Honeycolor.com, and since they arrived this morning I thought I'd try to make a review on them!

Maxiy Barbie Brown
Also known as G&G Dolly Brown

Review by: Nerikodono

Diameter: 14.5 mm

Design: 3/5

I think the design of these lenses look really cute while they're just in the lens containers, but when I put them in my eyes it just sort of... disappears.

Color: 3/5

Since I have quite bright eyes, they don't really cover my eyes all the way and the color looks more like a dark circle around my normal eyes. However, I do think these would look really good on someone with darker eyes!

Comfort: 4/5

These lenses are very soft, and they feel very comfortable! After a while they do get dry and a tiny bit uncomfortable, though, but I experience that with all of my lenses.

Enlargment: 3/5

I'm used to wearing 15.0 mm lenses, so I think these are a little bit too small to be honest. However, I do think they make your eyes bigger, and the size is definately enough! I wouldn't have minded if they were just a little bit bigger though...

All in all I like these lenses. I bought them because I wanted more natural lenses than my extremely vibrant MAX Elegance Tri Tone Green and Violet lenses, and they do their job. They could have been better, but I like them anyway! I will have to get used to the slightly smaller diameter~

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