31 Jul 2013

The Aftermath of NärCon

No, this will not be a post about NärCon, I'll do that tomorrow. This will be a post about what I've done since I've gotten home from NärCon!

The day I returned from NärCon I just enjoyed the peace and quiet, watching a romantic comedy (and crying over it), pestering Linn over the phone, and only left the house to buy cigarettes and chocolate...
The following day Linn and Oliver came over and we watched Shingeki no Kyojin and another romantic comedy (I'm sorry I've gotten a thing for romcoms lately).
The next day we went into town and had a fika!
We also bought hair dye and bleach for Linns hair, which I cut and bleached+dyed later that evening!

My outfit ~


Today I went shopping and had another fika with my bro Bel, and now we're watching another romcom and wondering whether or not we just saw a thunderbolt outside...

And with that I take my leave! Stay tuned for another post tomorrow!


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