8 Apr 2013

Nellie's French Adventures

So as I mentioned in my last post, I went to Paris with my mother over the weekend!
It was all lovely, and we did an awful lot of shopping *byebye money*
I also ate crème brulè every fucking day and it was fan-fucking-tastic.

Thursday - First day in Paris

On Thursday we got up super early (04:45 in the morning to be more precise) and went to the airport. After buying a big cup of coffee we settled onto the plane and three hours later we landed in Paris!
First impression? Cold as fuck and windy as hell. But you know, that's cool. 'Cause it's Paris and stuff.
The first thing we did after checking in at the hotel was going to the Disney store. Both me and my mom was so excited hahah! 

We then went to Abercrombie & Fitch, mostly because my mom wanted to but I did find a cute pair of shorts there! uvu I felt horrible in there tho :( The music was so loud, it reeked of perfume, people everywhere and almost no light at all. In the end, I got so upset by the surroundings that I went around and stepped on peoples heels by purpose. Oops.
First two shopping bags

After that we took a walk into another part of town and  did some more shopping! We also stopped two times to drink some coffee (or kir royal in my ma's case) uvu
The cappuccinos in Paris was way more fancy than here in Sweden!

Friday - Second day in Paris
This day we took the metro (truly an adventure, i must say) into a part of Paris called Bastille, where the Angelic Pretty shop is situated! I was so excited. Sadly, I came to be slightly disappointed since all of the dresses and clothing were like double the price on AP's website... But I bought a bag and Twin Etoile stockings and headbow atleast! I just couldn't stand leaving the shop empty-handed, you know?

The bag I bought
Anyway, we then went back to the part of Paris were we stayed and continue our shopping spree at Lafayette, which is a very, very, very large warehouse full of expensive clothes (i didn'yt have to money to buy a single thing in there..)
I also managed to get lost in there. In that huge place. Away from my Ma. yikes. :( felt like I was like 6 years old all over again hahah

Later that evening we went out to dinner at a fancy french restaurant with a french friend of my mother's!

Me and my Ma 

Saturday - Third day in Paris

This day we felt the need to do something cultural, and thus we went to the castle of Versailles!
It was sooooo beautiful! And I got a sudden urge to decorate my future apartment sort of like the interior of the castle Versailles hahah 

The front gate

They had lots of statues in there, and of course I posed with some of them... I mean, the meaning of life is posing with statues right? Right..?

Me and my homies yo

I felt quite fancy that day.

That day I also finished reading my book, LIGHT, and oh goodness how I cried. I'll make a separate post about LIGHT later when I've recovered emotionally....

Sunday - Going home

Sunday we just went to the airport and went home. And I ate some delicious motherfucking waffle-cakes with chocolate and I think I died and came to heaven. Wow.

I would've blogged about this yesterday when I got home, but I was simply too tired...
So I did it today instead!

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