2 Jun 2014

Summer ♥ Princess

Hey there! I've been quite absent, haven't I?
Well, summer has arrived to Sweden and completely taken over the land of the Vikings, and I find myself being drawn back to overly cute and frilly hime outfits again.
This winter I've slowly begun dressing in more dark and sexy gyaru styles, but as the heat grows more intense so does my love for frills and pastels, it seems.

In two days I'm out of school for the summer (3 months!!) and I'm so excited! Three beautiful months of sleep, TV-show marathons, gaming, spending time with friends and my girlfriend, and also attending NärCon!

I've attended cons for a few years now, mainly because of my interest in cosplay, but last year I actually didn't cosplay at all when I attended NärCon... This year, however, will be entirely different!
Tomorrow I'll buy fabri for my long wanted Poison Ivy cosplay, and and after that I'll just have to get green bodypaint and then I'm all set!
 I'll also cosplay Hatsune Miku from the vocaloid song Madness of Duke Venomania, which was a rather spontaneous decision made this weekend. I'll borrow the cosplay from my friend, and mostly wear it because it makes my boobs look hella fine. 
So, I will cosplay two days out of four for the con, and the rest of the time I will simply strut around in my regular gyaru clothing! 

So, to end this post I will make a promise to blog more often this summer (You can look forward to a big outfit post in the near future!)!


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