4 Jun 2014

Summer Break!

So today I got out of school for the summer! Man, time flies! I mean, a year ago I was a freshman and now I'm done with 1/3 of high school! 
I'm so happy to get a break from school (for over two months!!), but I'm also a bit sad because I will miss my classmates a lot! But we'll have movie nights throughout the summer, so it won't be that bad!

One of my best friends, Bel, is graduating tomorrow. I'm really happy and proud of her, but once again I'm also sad. I'm sad that I won't see her everyday in school anymore, and that she won't be spamming me with texts every time she wants to go smoking during class. I'm sad because I won't be able to give her a big hug or a slap on the butt when I spot her in the corridors. 
Having one of your best friends attending the same school as you is amazing, I tell ya. In 9th grade my other best friend, Linn, went to the same school as I, and now I've been in the same school as Bel for a year. And I'm so fucking sad to see her go so soon. 
But oh well! It's not like she'll disappear out of my life completely. We're gonna get old together and be douchebag old ladies who drinks too much and raises hell at the old-people-home (I actually have no idea what that is called in english, sorry mates).

But, sad things aside, what do I have planned for this summer?
Well, first of all I'm going to sleep alot. And I will sacrifice a lot of hours to plow through an endless amount of TV-shows, and also finish playing KH: Dream Drop Distance, KH1 and The Stick of Truth! I'll also, as I mentioned in my last post, attend a con, and also go on a roadtrip with my family through southern Sweden and to Copenhagen! I will also work for about three weeks, spend time with my friends and girlfriend, and hopefully consume a lot of alcohol! Cheers!

Ending this post with my look from yesterday!

Umbrella: Innocent World
Bow: Angelic Pretty
Wig: eBay
Jacket: somewhere in Germany...
Top: marketplace in Italy
Skirt: DreamV
Shoes: DreamV
Bag: Angelic Pretty


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