27 Oct 2013

Photo Post: New Hair + Outfits

As the title says, this post will be a post with lots of photos.

Last week Saga helped me dye my extensions, and now my hair is totally fabulous

So now I can wear my extensions again! Yahoo~

And now I will just drop some outfits and selcas and stuff 

New sidebar-pic!

Outfit from band practice last week 

Outfit from two weeks ago, kind of inspired by Uruha's FADELESS look. I really liked this coord! 
Svart å svår

Whoopsie, a lil' pic of me and Saguzz bein' cute-ooooo 

Me and Jury before band practice this wednesday!

Simple black coord from today's mindless shopping with Bel!

That's it, guys. Now I'll get some sleep... So tired... 
As mentioned in my earlier post, I'll be going to London with Linn tomorrow! Yahoo!

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