13 Mar 2013

♥ Sweet 16 ♥

Heeey sweethearts! 
I'm really tired, but I figured I'd made a quick post about my birthday! 

So today was my 16th birthday!
I got roses from my family last evening since they didn't get the chance to even say good morning this morning. I always have to get up much earlier than the rest of my family, you see... 
Anyway, that was fine!
On my way to school, tho, I suddenly feel the presence of someone behind me. So I turn around, and there's Cecilie with a little candle saying "Congratulations, Nellie!" It were really sweet 
After that I just had a normal school day, really. 
Tho after my first class I ran up to my baby Linn's locker and gave her a cake I had baked the night prior, since she's having her birthday today aswell! 

After school me and Linn went to a café and shared a piece of cheesecake as to celebrate our birthday! I also got a cute piece of cake from her, I think they're called "Kissing-Cakes"? It was really sweet, because she said something like: "I got you one of those Kissing-Cakes since I like you so much" 
Aaaahhhh my lovely baby girl 

Later on that evening I went to dinner at the restaurant my older sister works at. The food was great, and when we got home I got some presents!
I got money from my grandmother and one of our old family friends, a gift card, more roses, a pair of Dr Marten's, new headphones and also 100 Euros for when me and my mother are going to Paris in April!

These were the shoes I got! I'm already in love with them 

As for today's outfit, I choose to wear very bright and light clothes! Which is actually kind of unusual for me, since I almost always wear at least one black/dark garment... Anyhow, I liked it! 

Ahh, and tomorrow's Whie Day, right? So I've gotten gifts for the two girls that gave me chocolate on valentine's day ♥ Waaahh, it makes me feel like a real bishounen!!! 

Very well, goodnight my loves! 


  1. im so confused O____O bishounen means pretty boy ... are you a boy or girl >____<

    I love your makeup btw <33

    1. why can't i be both? ;)

      i'm glad you like my makeup sweetheart!<3