6 Jul 2014

Pool ☆ Party

Hey lovelies!
Yesterday i attended a pool party with some of my classmates, Saga and Måns girlfriend Toby!
Swedish summers can be pretty warm, and yesterday definitely was! I honestly felt like I was in heaven when I entered the pool! Aaaahhh, I already miss it! The things I would do to have a pool...

So we bathed in the pool (I mostly just floated around on one of those big donut shaped things with a cool glass of Xide, it was lovely), had some homemade cakes and then made tacos for dinner!
After we had eaten we spent like two hours sitting in a circle and reading  Kropp & Knopp ("Body and head") out of Mimmi's old KP magazines ("Kamrat Posten" - "The Friend Post") and laughing. I had so much fun, and I hope we can do it again before this summer is over!

Some photos!

Made a big bun out of my hair!

Me and Saga actually succeeded in taking a good kiss pic! 
Man, I love this girl to death

Chillin' yo

Me and Alicia being hardcore as fuck dawg

And lastly; my outfit!