22 Feb 2014

Long time, No see

Hey darlings!
I haven't been blogging for a while, due to some personal problems. But I've started to sort my life out and things are looking up, so I'll try to get right back on track with my blogging again!

Lots of fun things have happened in the past weeks, though!
For example, there was Valentines Day! I spent it with my gorgeous girlfriend, watching Titanic and crying to no end... 
Things with my band DAiZiES are also going well, and we are still working on our first song PAINT ME RED! It's going a bit slow, but it's our first time creating a song from scratch so have patience please!
I am also planning a few reviews, a haul post for my next yumetenbo order, and also to make a make-up tutorial and make a youtube channel! Stay tuned for that!

This week I have a break from school, which is wonderful! I'll spend it with friends, working, and also having a J-rock Night with Saga, Pella and Sofia where we will watch lots of live DVDs with all of our favourite J-rock bands!

I've also decided to go blonde again, so I'm bleaching my hair like crazy! I dyed my hair dark red around christmas, and the red colour is a hell to get out...
This is what my hair looks like right now!
I'm not only bleaching it, but also growing out my bangs and trying to make it grow longer... Oh how I regret cutting off all of my hair one year ago...

Well, well... I'll update with another post tonight with some of my recent outfits!


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